I'm a graphic designer living in West Palm Beach, FL with my husband Gerry and our cat Lady Wellington. When I'm not working, you'll find me outside. Probably riding my folding bike. And looking for new species of birds.

Photo by  Foster & Asher .

Photo by Foster & Asher.


I grew up in central Massachusetts, where I spent a good amount of time sledding, skiing and riding my bike. When I was 16, my family moved to Richmond, VA. After I graduated high school, I wasted a few years being young, then started classes at VCU, majoring in Mass Communications, Creative Advertising track. After graduation, I moved to Indianapolis, got my first real job, started questioning the meaning of life, was invited to church, learned about Jesus, became a Christ-follower and was baptized. That was an eventful year. And it changed the course of my life.

Soon after that, I took a part-time job at my church in Carmel, IN, assisting with design and communications. This quickly became my passion and turned into a full-time thing. After working at this church for 4 years, I decided it was time to pursue my long-time dream of living in Florida. I gave away everything I owned and drove with just a car full of essentials to settle in Hollywood, Florida in December 2009.

While in Florida, I worked as a designer for several churches, while freelancing at the same time. And I met my husband Gerry. We were married in December 2011. In 2012, I partnered with friend and fellow designer, Ambert Rodriguez to found Paradox Design Studio, to focus on branding and design for churches, nonprofits and clients who want to change the world.

Currently, I'm working full-time as a designer for my church, while taking on the occasional freelance project. And spending as much time as humanly possible outside.