Pinterest Project Success

I spend my fair share of time on Pinterest. A while back I was seeing lots of pins for how to decorate with lighted marquee letters. But purchasing them was out of the question. Just one letter can set you back a few hundred dollars. Luckily Pinterest is also a great place to find the DIY version of practically anything!

So I found some instructions on how to fake old metal letters using card stock and a little spray paint. DIY project success!

I started this project on the computer of course. I'm a graphic designer and a perfectionist, so free-handing was not an option. I printed the letters, cut them out and traced the outlines onto black card stock.

I cut those letters out, punched holes where I wanted the lights to go, and then hot glued 2-inch strips of card stock all the way around each letter. Finished up with some dark orange spray paint and a string of white twinkle lights. And that's it! Made a cozy little edition to our place.