Custom Letter Pillow

The first time I attempted to sew a pillow, I was in 7th grade. The project was for my Home-Ec class—yes, that was a thing when I was a kid. The pillow was supposed to be an octopus, but ended up looking more like a green, three-legged version of a Pac-Man ghost. And I loved it anyway just because I made it.

One of the things I love about making things is it takes so much more care than just buying something. Even when I end up with a finished piece full of imperfections, there's something special about a hand-made project.

For Christmas I made a pillow for my friend Laura. I value her friendship and wanted to give a gift that said that. I think it turned out well for my first pillow attempt since 7th grade!

I picked a floral fabric and color scheme that I thought fit her personality. She's a talented illustrator and painter so I wanted something with an illustrated feel. I cut out the letter shape and sewed in onto what would be the front of the pillow.

Luckily I found out months prior that Laura has a strong dislike of buttons. Hey, everyone has their thing. So I chose to assemble the pillow with Velcro, so she could take off the cover to wash it when necessary. Then I lined up the pieces back-to-back, sewed all around and then stuffed it with a pillow insert. Ready for gifting!