We're Homeowners!

So, it's official. We own a home! Actually, it was official back in December, but I'm just getting around to posting this now. We bought a fixer-upper and have been knee-deep in renovations and home projects. Along with working full-time and trying to have a life. Hence the web silence. As projects are completed and I learn new things, I'll hopefully post some of those here.

Creative Missions 2015

In May I had the opportunity to travel to Boise, Idaho to spend a week in the creative trenches with local churches. It was so good. So good. I met up with a team of 21 people, some of whom I'd gotten to know on my last Creative Missions trip two years ago in Alaska. It was a reunion of sorts. In one week, the teams finished 10 websites, 12 logo/branding packages, 27 print designs, 3 photo shoots, and a bunch of other things. The goal of Creative Missions is to partner with local churches and provide sustainable creative resources. It requires a lot of hard work and late nights, but totally worth it in the end. It was quite the adventure.

Ornithology & Drawing

Six weeks ago I signed up for a class call Ornithological Drawing at The Art Box. I love birds, but I’m terrible at drawing so I thought it was perfect! It was taught by Emily Smith, the Natural History Collections Manager at Randolph College. She is equal parts artist and scientist, so we were able to get up close with the bird specimens.

We started with basic techniques in pencil, moved to Micron pens and finished up with watercolor. The bird I chose is called a Pyrrhuloxia. Looks kind of like a Cardinal, but lives in Texas apparently. I’m a fan of any bird with a fluffy crest. 

The other finished birds from the class.

The other finished birds from the class.