Upcycled Dresser

One of my favorite things is to find something old and broken and to give it a new life. My first big project was this yellow dresser that I turned into a vintage-looking storage piece.

I picked it up for about $50 at Faith Farm in Fort Lauderdale. It was pretty ugly to begin with and once I got it home, I discovered some termite damage on one of the legs. Oh well. I patched it up with some wood filler and it was good as new.

Being my first project, I wanted to keep it simple. I first removed all the handles and then sanded all the surfaces just enough to give the paint something to stick to. And then I painted the whole thing dark brown. Once that dried, I applied the teal paint very roughly. I used a cheap brush because I was trying to get some of the brown to show through.

While the paint was drying, I took the handles outside and applied a paint stripper. It took a couple applications before the old paint all came off, but once it did they were good as new! Here's the finished piece!